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What is STEM?

It's never too early to begin introducing your student to STEM.

STEM education is a term first introduced by the National Science Foundation that focuses on an educational approach for one or more of the four disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and math. In today's technologically driven world, it's essential that kids be introduced to these concepts early.

So what does STEM stand for and how can you introduce it to your student?

Science: For young kids, think about skills such as observation and exploration. Science is about answering the questions of the world around us.

Technology: The internet. Teach your student how to search safely and accurately for all their scientific questions.

Engineering: Build! Creating unleashes the imagination and is tons of fun. Challenge your student to build something unique.

Math: Numbers and patterns. Patterns occur naturally in nature-- point some out to your student and see if they can find their own. Tip: plant life is a great go-to.

STEM is about inquiry and critical thinking. Teaching your student these critical skills can be fun and entertaining for everyone, while also preparing your kids for a successful future.

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