Innovative Technology

Our cognitive approach is accelerating learning

We apply personalized learning through just-in-time guidance, building our recommendation engine to create data-driven, dynamic learning discovery paths for each student.


Children learn science best when they can integrate ideas into a bigger picture. Our cognitive approach accelerates learning with a focus on real-world problems, opportunities to make predictions and connections, and self-monitoring tools and features that encourage reflection.


Just-in-time scaffolding and individualized content sequencing helps ensure that the platform remains dynamic, responding to a child's interests and progress to keep them interested throughout their learning discovery. 

*Analytics captured from Eco Challenge. Population includes 189 students across grades K-4 who completed both a pre- and post-assessment. P-value is < 0.001 (May 2018)

† Responses including "Dirt" are considered incorrect. Responses including 2 or more of "Sun", "Water" and "Air" and NOT including "Dirt" are considered correct.

About Us


About Us

We provide students with a foundation for future success

At Williams Learning Solutions, we believe in a future in which every child can access and build a strong foundation in science because this benefits everyone, from our students to businesses, and the economy. Our SaaS-based global learning platform helps students achieve their learning potential in science.

In a world where access to basic STEM education directly correlates to building skills that are essential in driving innovation and advancing economies, we provide students with a foundation for future success.


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