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5 Learning Activities for Rainy Days

Don't let a rainy day stop your young students from exploring the world around them. Throw on those jackets and rain boots! Here are five fun ways to play in the rain.

1) Build a dam

This is an excellent engineering activity for kids. Find a small flowing stream of water, grab some sticks, stones, or leaves and get to work! For extra learning bonus points, ask your engineers why they are choosing the materials they have-- encourage thoughtful problem-solving.

2) Make a rain gauge

Have a plastic bottle lying around? Turn it into a rain gauge in a few simple steps! Great for measurement, number and weather perception lessons.

a) Cut the top off, approximately 2 inches from the top.

b) Remove plastic coverings, if any.

c) Grab a ruler and mark in either centimeters or inches along the bottle with a Sharpie.

d) Place outside in an uncovered area, wait an hour, then collect!

3) Float Your Boat

If your yard or park has puddles or trickles of moving water, you can float toy boats (or twigs and leaves) and see how they travel. Challenge your kids to make them from scratch!

4) Water Color

Make your own watercolor painting! Take sidewalk chalk outside during or after a rain. The water intensifies and blurs the colors for an effect that's very different from dry surface chalk. Ask your kids why the colors are running and see if they can come up with answers!

5) Mud Pies

This one is just plain fun. Get your hands dirty!

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