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Help save the monarch butterfly and explore early ideas in life science.

Engage young learners' curiosity and problem-solving skills as they

discover ane explore concepts in

food, energy, and connections in an ecosystem.

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Built by the Best

Designed and built by a team of passionate educators, cognition experts, and scientists, our cognitive and data-driven approach sparks and accelerates learning  in science through mentored problem-solving and relevant, real-world scenarios that reveal connections across scientific ideas. 

Eco Challenge easily integrates into school and home environments and includes features like:

Immersive, real-to-life simulation


 Mini experiments for exploring concepts in detail


Assisted learning and guidance


Personalized learning paths


Embedded assessments


Supported browsers:  Firefox 52+, Chrome 57+, Safari 11+, MS Edge 16+

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The observations students made while interacting with the app showed they were using their scientific thinking to solve the problem at hand.


 Many students asked to play during free choice time!

Encourages scientific thinking

—  Amy Popek,

Greyhound Intermediate School in

Eaton Rapids, Michigan.

 In terms of being authentic, I think it really covers science topics in depth and is engaging.


It leaves a lasting impression on students, even after summer break, many were able to come back and tell me information and concepts they experienced.


—  Allie Brenner,

East Lansing Public School District

first grade teacher

The kids are definitely motivated and engaged when they are using Eco Challenge.

After they use it, they definitely have a better sense of how things are intertwined, and how creatures rely on each other.




—  Tyne Sanders,

East Lansing Public School District kindergarten teacher

What teachers say about Eco Challenge

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