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Life Cycle Craft

Get out the craft supplies and compare the life cycle of different organisms with this easy craft!


Paper plate



Construction paper

Miscellaneous craft supplies such as pasta, beads, pipe cleaner and fabric scraps


1.) Decide which organism you want to create a life cycle for. Butterflies, Chickadees, and flowers are all great examples

2.) Divide the paper plate into four sections.

3.) Determine the different stages of the life cycles and label them on the plate.

4.) Pick out the craft supplies you want to use for each phase of the life cycle. Glue to your paper plate and label with marker.

As children pick out their craft materials, ask them why they are choosing that material. Encourage them to explain their reasoning and back it up with evidence.

5.) Make more than one life cycle and compare the stages.

Based on the idea from

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