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We believe in a future in which every child can access and build a strong foundation in science. 

This benefits everyone.

We offer an interactive, intelligent global learning platform helping students achieve their learning potential in science.


Dr. Michelle Williams is a leader in science, education and cognitive learning. Her passion for education and working with youth sparked early on as an elementary teacher in an urban school district located in East Palo Alto, CA. This led her to pursue a doctorate degree in Education Development in Mathematics and Science from the University of California at Berkeley.

Michelle served as an Associate Professor of Science Education at Michigan State University for almost 10 years. She was awarded funding by the National Science Foundation to develop learning technologies to improve STEM education among K-12 youth in the biological sciences. She has also written numerous articles on STEM Education and participated in panels for organizations such as the National Research Council, and the EDC Oceans of Data Institute & IBM.

In 2015 Michelle founded Williams Learning Solutions, Inc. to deliver on her vision to create a future in which every child can access and build a strong foundation in science. 


Michelle Williams, PhD 

Our Advisors


Marcia Linn

Professor of Cognition, Education in Science & Technology at UC Berkeley
PhD in Educational Psychology


Maya Strelar-Migotti

Managing Director, Golden Seeds
Former Head of Ericsson SV
Former EVP for Marvell


Sally Pera

Public and Private Board Director and Advisor 

Former CEO ACG Silicon Valley


Shellye Archambeau

Board Director, MetricStream, 

Verizon and Nordstrom

Former CEO of MetricStream

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